In The Driver’s Seat of the 2008 Honda Pilot

Welcome to the driver seat. The Honda Pilot is a solid SUV with average styling an above average execution. Here it is the better late than never Honda pilot Honda showed up late to the family has to be party and they didn’t exactly create a lot of hoopla with their grand entrance the Pilot is an 8 passenger mid size SUV from Honda that can best be described as vanilla flavored ice cream in a Haagen Dazs container good quality but plain in every sense of the word. The Pilot comes in several trim starting with the base value package model to the top of the line PXL pricing starts at 28000 for a base while a fully loaded 4 wheel drive, EXL with navigation will run you around $36000.

 2008 Honda PilotThe pilot 3.5 liter 24 valve V6 engine produces 244 horsepower, which is adequate by today’s standards but that’s about. It inside the Pilot will find all of the basic necessities for family SUV from power everything to DVD navigation as Honda says fire up the available Honda DVD rear entertainment system featuring a DVD player with CD and video game capability and the applause from the backseat will get even louder there’s even a second row fold down activity tray to help keep the party going no arguments from me on the entertainment value here my kids loved it and kept them occupied during our trip the Pilot is typical Honda and offers all the bells and whistles however. More info read at

I do think hard to cut some costs when designing the interior of the pilot as some of the buttons and controls just don’t seem up to par would harm the standards so what’s the bottom line on the pilot you can lease the Pilot for a monthly payment of $300 with $2000 down. It’s sensible reliable and practical just not very sexy sounds like a Honda to me the problem with the pilot. Is that it’s competing in a tough segment that includes the Saturn outlook, Toyota Highlander, Hyundai Veracruz, jeep grand Cherokee, Ford explorer and others Furthermore the pilot is a crossover in SUVs body it tries to be rugged but it’s not it’s a station wagon that sits up higher has its root freeze that’s it all in all for $300 per month you just can’t go wrong with Pilot. It will meet all of your needs and then some neighbors may not be booing at 9 who cares you made a smart decision you bought a Honda Pilot.