Airbag is unsafe.

 Airbag is unsafeDriver airbag cushion has a volume of from 60 to 80 l, and of the front passenger – to 130 liters. It is easy to imagine that the interior volume of the system, is reduced by 200 -. 250 l for 0.04 seconds, which gives a considerable load on the eardrums. In addition, the emitted at a speed of over 300 km / h cushion, fraught with considerable danger to people if they are not wearing a seat belt and nothing delays the inertial movement of the body toward the pillow. You can also get a serious injury, if you sit behind the wheel in the incorrect position.
Also, do not place the rear-facing child seat to the vehicle seat where there is the airbag, which can move the seat and cause injury to the child.

Airbag in the passenger seat increases the probability of death of children under 13 years old, sitting in this place. The child shorter than 150 cm may get hit in the head with an air bag, opening at a speed of 300 km / h.