How to align headlights on 2013 Chevy malibu

Who’s been wanting to know how to adjust the 2013 Chevy Malibu headlights. Or older Even 20 tents. Malibu I’m gonna show you real quick I figured out on my own instead of going to the. Instead of going to the car shop. By the dealer and have no charge me 50 Bucks and do it. I mean you know on Google try to figure out if anybody had on there can find it won a couple forums they wasn’t giving me adequate information on it they just kinda hopped around it seemed like nobody knew. Well I just put HID’s.

2013 chevy malibu headlightsIn my car here And I And that’s how I figured it out. Because my left headlight was hire a no lose lower than the other so as you can tell I’ve taken my bone broth. And. Down to. Actually he rated put it back on but. We’ll show you here real quick. Where the adjustment screw is far left right. Well no the adjustment would be for up and down. From here for left right you actually have to take. This headlights off. Take the headlights out. And Get rid of that screw their. This one here. And then you have to. Take out. That screw right there. And then there’s a clamp.

All right below the screw that holds. Holds the lighter same way with one here but it’s back up a. Most. See it. But it’s back up at the top here. It’s actually up. So actually sitting. Probably about right here behind the. Hon the chevy Malibu headlights. So far to make it simple. On both sides here I’m just gonna go to one side. If you look down. Into this whole. See a screw. Metallic screw down there in this hole that is directly the middle the screen. I need to Phillips To adjust that screw. Okay determined to the right the 2013 chevy malibu headlights will go up. Turn to laugh. Headlight. Will. We’ll go down. Okay. And then right behind that screw. I Right behind that screw is a I don’t know what kind of not it is in China if you see this little black piece that’s behind it.

See that is kinda sticking out right directly behind a screw that your left and right but in order to get that you gotta get it behind the light. Okay right side. But is the exact same okay you don’t need a long Phillips. Loan Phillips to get down into that. And they do that on purpose so they get us into the dealership and pay 50 Bucks. To Do somethin. Just as simple as this. That we can do ourselves. There’s a good view of it right there. Okay so now everybody knows. I guess that I’ve been looking for and nobody knew and. I figure that so. Enjoy.