In The Driver’s Seat of the 2008 Honda Pilot

Welcome to the driver seat. The Honda Pilot is a solid SUV with average styling an above average execution. Here it is the better late than never Honda pilot Honda showed up late to the family has to be party and they didn’t exactly create a lot of hoopla with their grand entrance the Pilot is an 8 passenger mid size SUV from Honda that can best be described as vanilla flavored ice cream in a Haagen Dazs container good quality but plain in every sense of the word. The Pilot comes in several trim starting with the base value package model to the top of the line PXL pricing starts at 28000 for a base while a fully loaded 4 wheel drive, EXL with navigation will run you around $36000.

 2008 Honda PilotThe pilot 3.5 liter 24 valve V6 engine produces 244 horsepower, which is adequate by today’s standards but that’s about. It inside the Pilot will find all of the basic necessities for family SUV from power everything to DVD navigation as Honda says fire up the available Honda DVD rear entertainment system featuring a DVD player with CD and video game capability and the applause from the backseat will get even louder there’s even a second row fold down activity tray to help keep the party going no arguments from me on the entertainment value here my kids loved it and kept them occupied during our trip the Pilot is typical Honda and offers all the bells and whistles however. More info read at

I do think hard to cut some costs when designing the interior of the pilot as some of the buttons and controls just don’t seem up to par would harm the standards so what’s the bottom line on the pilot you can lease the Pilot for a monthly payment of $300 with $2000 down. It’s sensible reliable and practical just not very sexy sounds like a Honda to me the problem with the pilot. Is that it’s competing in a tough segment that includes the Saturn outlook, Toyota Highlander, Hyundai Veracruz, jeep grand Cherokee, Ford explorer and others Furthermore the pilot is a crossover in SUVs body it tries to be rugged but it’s not it’s a station wagon that sits up higher has its root freeze that’s it all in all for $300 per month you just can’t go wrong with Pilot. It will meet all of your needs and then some neighbors may not be booing at 9 who cares you made a smart decision you bought a Honda Pilot.

New Chrysler Pacifica review

Chrysler PacificaHave you not been invented 33 years ago at least for consumers we probably would be standing in front of the 2017 Chrysler pacifica is great great great grandfather the Dodge caravan. In 1983 invented the minivan segment. And in error we thought the media was all but dead. Chrysler pacifica has surprised us so much we’ve named it the car connection’s best car by 2017. Hi I’m told better here’s why the new Chrysler pacifica is the car connection’s best car to buy 2017. Chrysler pacifica certainly deserves the praise it replaces the Dodge grand caravan and Chrysler town country. Throwing everything out the door including the name. Starting a hair under $30000 the new pacifica is available in 5 trim levels LX Touring, plus in limited but all packed a lot of value into hugely flexible package. Under pacifica shapely hood define a strong 287 horsepower 3.6 liter V6 me to a 9 speed automatic transmission. And we’ve seen this combination before with much better here. It exerts the pacifica quickly it’s accompanied by mineral under hood growl.

Now here enthusiast Hey you you’re gonna wanna keep that me out in the garage done that for this. Steering is direct and linear the suspension is controlled the well planted but he doesn’t exactly translate a lot of what’s going on the road into this theory. In the Pacific a plug in hybrid is on the way you’ll be the first of its kind among minivans with an estimated 30 mile electric range. That’ll probably be enough to drop the kids off at school and run a few errands. All without using gasoline that’s not to say that the regular pacifica you see here is a guzzler. It comes in 18 miles per gallon city 28 highway 22 combined which isn’t bad for a vehicle that can haul 7 passengers 7 adults even in hushed comfort. But it’s here inside the pacifica that really shines. Simply put anything short of business class and 747 just can’t. Dual sliding doors opened to reveal a downright luxurious interior on limited models such as the one we have here. Even the LX model carries over much of the goodness of the big kahuna.

Driver as a commanding view of the road ahead controls our group logically and excuse infotainment system that we’ve come to know and love is update here with a crystal clear screen. Second row passengers a treat almost the same level of luxury. Agnes chairs are standard in the fall completely flat into the floor when they’re not needed is even a button here disputes the front seat forward to make folding road to easier. A third row bench also tucked away to reveal a flat load space. Suitable for hauling plywood car camping or even an impromptu play house. Although the seats are a little thinly padded. Easing which they all disappear is kind of one of the band’s biggest selling points. That’s big stuff but let’s not forget about the details.

You’ll find USB port scattered throughout the interior models with the rear seat entertainment boast tune they screens each with their own HDMI port. New led Chrysler Pacifica headlight replacement by HID lights. In the full tilt limited has a built in vacuum designed by the pros and rigid. It’s not an original idea bids mid ship placement is perfect. And even long enough to reach across the garage into your other car when needed. Ensure safety may not be sexy but it sells minivans. Pacific is no slouch here either. I it just gives it top marks were ordered up with his full line of front crash protection features. This year’s field a fast car by them knees was as competitive as ever filled as it was a sporty 2 door coupes. Comfortable sedans any vocative luxury crossovers. It was the Pacific at that easily roast the top credits easygoing road manners and thrifty yet robust MI 6 yes. But really it’s proven safety track record in Puglia interior packaging are what really sealed the deal. And that is why the 2017 Chrysler pacifica is the car connection’s best car by 2017. For the car connection I’m Joel Feder and thinks watching. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Twitter Instagram and YouTube.

How to align headlights on 2013 Chevy malibu

Who’s been wanting to know how to adjust the 2013 Chevy Malibu headlights. Or older Even 20 tents. Malibu I’m gonna show you real quick I figured out on my own instead of going to the. Instead of going to the car shop. By the dealer and have no charge me 50 Bucks and do it. I mean you know on Google try to figure out if anybody had on there can find it won a couple forums they wasn’t giving me adequate information on it they just kinda hopped around it seemed like nobody knew. Well I just put HID’s.

2013 chevy malibu headlightsIn my car here And I And that’s how I figured it out. Because my left headlight was hire a no lose lower than the other so as you can tell I’ve taken my bone broth. And. Down to. Actually he rated put it back on but. We’ll show you here real quick. Where the adjustment screw is far left right. Well no the adjustment would be for up and down. From here for left right you actually have to take. This headlights off. Take the headlights out. And Get rid of that screw their. This one here. And then you have to. Take out. That screw right there. And then there’s a clamp.

All right below the screw that holds. Holds the lighter same way with one here but it’s back up a. Most. See it. But it’s back up at the top here. It’s actually up. So actually sitting. Probably about right here behind the. Hon the chevy Malibu headlights. So far to make it simple. On both sides here I’m just gonna go to one side. If you look down. Into this whole. See a screw. Metallic screw down there in this hole that is directly the middle the screen. I need to Phillips To adjust that screw. Okay determined to the right the 2013 chevy malibu headlights will go up. Turn to laugh. Headlight. Will. We’ll go down. Okay. And then right behind that screw. I Right behind that screw is a I don’t know what kind of not it is in China if you see this little black piece that’s behind it.

See that is kinda sticking out right directly behind a screw that your left and right but in order to get that you gotta get it behind the light. Okay right side. But is the exact same okay you don’t need a long Phillips. Loan Phillips to get down into that. And they do that on purpose so they get us into the dealership and pay 50 Bucks. To Do somethin. Just as simple as this. That we can do ourselves. There’s a good view of it right there. Okay so now everybody knows. I guess that I’ve been looking for and nobody knew and. I figure that so. Enjoy.

2017 Toyota Highlander Review: first drive

2017 Toyota HighlanderA Toyota Highlander is always been a. Middle of the pack player for us. But it looks like Toyota wants to change that. By adding a new powertrain changing some of the design styling and also offering more trim levels. It’s take a look under the hood. New styling on the 2017 Toyota Highlander. Instead of the previous kind of angular shape it had before now there’s almost a. Here in middle is that even a word I more of a pyramid here on the front grille but under the hood though this is one thing we wish they would have changed this thing weighs. Hon. But the story here is a brand new DeFore 3.5 liter V6. 295 horsepower 263 foot pounds of torque and it’s made it up to an 8 speed transmission now this is the same engine that’s in the new Tacoma and in the news Sienna minivan but neither of them get the 8 speed transmission that’s going to be exclusive here in the beginning just for the Highlander. But also with this new powertrain comes more fuel efficiency. Now the Highlander has 20 miles to the gallon in the city – 27 miles to the gallon on the highway.

Huge improvement from the engine it’s replacing. The first time we saw this new 2017 Highlander was at the New York Auto Show how was our first opportunity to see what this new vehicle is all about but we have had 1 of our test drivers take this out on the road and from his reactions doesn’t sound like the engine is really providing as much fun and power as some of the numbers might make it sound like. There is a new sport package.

Which has a slightly stiffer suspension but again hard test driver said he didn’t feel that sporty this is still a pretty big and heavy crossover for anybody that wants to try to push it around corner some maybe that’s not the way this thing should be driven. There’s still plenty to like in this new vehicle tons of cargo space you can have 7 or 8 passenger configurations you can even have a pass through in the middle if you want those captain chairs in the second row.

Second row in particular is one of our favorite aspects of this Highlander and the previous Highlander in that the track can move forward and back to accommodate either cargo or passengers depending on how big they are or how long their legs are. One of the things we still don’t like is there’s no android auto or apple CarPlay that’s something that should change fast. We also like the fact that there’s some new trim packages namely the sportier Essie models and also to trim packages with the hybrid the elderly and the XLE. So if you have a growing family I or even a large family this might be the vehicle for you.

Hyundai Santa Fe Sport was named the safest crossover.

Hyundai Santa Fe SportOne of the most influential leader of the world car safety ratings Top Safety Pick + recognizes again the Hyundai as a leader. Santa Fe Sport has been awarded of rating, becoming the safest crossover.

The leading standard of safety of Hyundai Santa Fe Sport: control system, seven airbags, 2010 hyundai santa fe headlight bulb, disc brakes, automatic braking, ABS with electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) and tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) impressed the judges by effectiveness and efficiency.

Premium crossover not only showed impressive occupant protection performance and passenger crash test, which revealed high car’s ability to prevent a head-on, side and rear collisions, but also showed a high level to avoid accidents due to the effective system of detection and prevention of emergency situations on the road.

How to sell your car quickly, profitably and right?

sell carTo sell the car effectively and correctly – it means to sell it with the greatest possible benefit, but honestly. After all, according to the research, about 60% of transactions are not closed due to the fact that the seller has hidden information about the state of the car, and another 15% – due to the failure to make discounts based on the detected defects.

Of course, selling the car, you should focus on its advantages and, but don’t speak about the existing disadvantages.

First of all, the car should be well-groomed appearance and give the impression that it is loved and sold not out of a desire to get rid. Salon should be neat and clean, it can be dry-cleaned. Everything to the last light bulb should work properly. If inspection period appropriate, it is better to do it yourself.

You can also make a pre-diagnosis of the chassis and engine, then introducing buyers audit report. This is almost on 80% contributes to the speedy sale of the car, it’s not just the sale of tires, but the real deal with the new owner.

Airbag is unsafe.

 Airbag is unsafeDriver airbag cushion has a volume of from 60 to 80 l, and of the front passenger – to 130 liters. It is easy to imagine that the interior volume of the system, is reduced by 200 -. 250 l for 0.04 seconds, which gives a considerable load on the eardrums. In addition, the emitted at a speed of over 300 km / h cushion, fraught with considerable danger to people if they are not wearing a seat belt and nothing delays the inertial movement of the body toward the pillow. You can also get a serious injury, if you sit behind the wheel in the incorrect position.
Also, do not place the rear-facing child seat to the vehicle seat where there is the airbag, which can move the seat and cause injury to the child.

Airbag in the passenger seat increases the probability of death of children under 13 years old, sitting in this place. The child shorter than 150 cm may get hit in the head with an air bag, opening at a speed of 300 km / h.